Andrew Knyte Ahiakpor

Knyte founded Njs4ever.com as a "macro" fansite in 2002 after deciding that the internet was the best place to deliver niche content to a global audience. Prior to founding the website, Knyte worked as a copywriter for Aetna Healthcare's West Region marketing headquarters.

Following Aetna, Knyte worked in promotions for two San Francisco radio stations (KZQZ-FM and KBLX-FM) before joining Clear Channel's Mediabase 24-7 as a Rhythmic and Urban panel researcher. While at Mediabase, Knyte also sold advertising for CityFlight Magazine, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was during this period in 2003 that Knyte wrote the album liner notes to Time Life Music's Body & Soul: New Jack Swing collection, and contributed to industry trade Radio & Records.

In 2004, Knyte relocated to Chicago and entered the world of advertising at Starcom Worldwide as media buyer and planner on the Miller Brewing account, where he worked for nearly 4 years. While at Starcom, Knyte managed an agency-wide initiative towards understanding multicultural markets and successfully recommended Miller Brewing to become title sponsor of MTV's LOGO Network launch in 2005. Knyte joined Kinetic Worldwide in late 2007 to plan and buy outdoor advertising for Coors Brewing Company, IKEA, and BP before making his exit in June 2008 to focus on Njs4ever Networks, LLC full time.

Beginning in 2004, Knyte has lead the Njs4ever organization in its organic growth from fansite to emerging, global lifestyle brand. His main focus is to steward the development of NJS4ever as an influential lifestyle brand, and as a catalyst for meaningful experiences surrounding the "upwardly-mobile" mindset of the New Jack Swing genre.

Andrew Knyte is currently based out of New York City.

Vijay Chandegra

Vijay Chandegra joined Njs4ever Networks, LLC in 2005 and has been the driving force behind NJS4E's growth from an online-only brand into an experiential phenomenon with its international parties. The combination of his experience as an account and event producer has proved to be a tremendous asset to the offline growth of the NJS4E phenomenon.

Vijay's first events took place in 1996 and showcased the sounds of New Jack Swing, Hip-Hop/Soul, Golden Era Hip-Hop, and Classic 80s Soul at venues such as SW1 and Ville Stefano in the heart of London. Beginning in London, and spreading to Amsterdam, New York City, Tokyo, and Chicago, NJS4E-produced events have become highly anticipated events among fans of the music worldwide.

Vijay has also been a formidable brand ambassador for NJS4E to the music industry past and present via exclusive interviews with influential figures from the New Jack Era and beyond such as Bobby Brown, Teddy Riley, DeVante Swing, JOE, GUY, Jodeci, INTRO, Jeff Redd, Boyz II Men, etc. He is the global presence of the brand and has collected many air miles in pursuit of reminding the world of New Jack Swing and what it stood for, "i.e. it's about the love of music, whatever background you come from." This drive and passion was part of the reason NJS4E was nominated for an illustrious VH1 Hip Hop Honors Award in 2007 during that year's annual ceremony in New York City.

Vijay has also been instrumental in establishing strategic relationships between Njs4ever Networks and various industry contacts including artists, producers, venue managers and concert promoters.

Vijay Chandegra is currently based out of London.

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